REMAR occupies essentially the drug addicts, alcoholics, the pisoners, the prostitutes, the homosexuals, the lesbians, abandoned and single mothers and their children, street children, delinquent children, needy persons, AIDS patients and orphans. REMAR works for the amelioration and harmonization of the difficult conditions of all these groups of persons, for their essential rehabilitation and onward reinsertion into society, ultimately.What is rehabilitation? It is an action aimed at remedying to a state of utilization and functionality, a thing or person that was apparently in an abysmal, destroyed or unfunctional state.

Rehabilitation deals with the restoration of a thing or person in his eyes or that of society. Rehabilitation consists of giving, covering (clothes and shelter),
nourishment (3 square meals) and a decent living for persons or families.


In the aim of educating the needy, street and abandoned children, the center has established its own school in addition to the public schools attended by the children
in the other communities. This school, Shalom Educational Center was established to take care of REMAR children and also for the needy children in the surrounding communities from the Kindergarten to JHS level. Shalom Educational Center has the advantage of dedicated teachers and a rich experience of volunteer teachers who are interested in the educational, social and spiritual development The body of Christ Church is the Spiritual Ministry of REMAR International and as such, REMAR Ghana has its branches too. It has three main branches at Ampabame, Kumasi, Nsawam and Dansoman, with Dansoman branch being the Headquarters. It is headed by the Country Director.

It is from this ministry that we get the various branches like the; Prisons Ministry, Angels of the Night, Discipleship School, etc. from. We also have an active musical group called Elshadai that is coming up with a new musical album soon.


REMAR Ghana has established an agricultural program to, first of all help the first phase rehabilitants to have something to concentrate on whiles detoxifying themselves.
It has been medically established that bore-dom, retards the rehabilitation process. but having something new to concentrate on whiles in rehabilitating process helps to take the rehabilitants’ mind off their usual and former life style. It gives them the opportunity to try something new. It also gives them the chance to practice how to care. It also gives them the chance to be responsible. Responsibility is one of the main values in rehabilitation.


Secondly, the farms help to feed the inmates and to supplement the other communities in the country.
We have a fish farm, piggery, goat and sheep, local chicken, ducks, cows, vegetable and tuber farms. We are also engaged in a rubber plantation.

Help the needy and put smiles on their face