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Julius Stanzy

I greet the entire congregation in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The alphabetical construction of my identity is Julius Kwame Stanzy, a former student of Achimota Secondary School. First and foremost, it is my fervent and effectual prayer this morning that any familiar spirit mandated to quench the Holy Spirit away from the founder and of this ministry Miguel Diez be nullified in Jesus name. Whenever you are called to testify for the marvelous things the Lord ids doing in your life, put on the full Armour of God and the breastplate of righteousness simply because when the demons set to attack and oppress, they discharge equal proportions of wickedness with alacrity. I fell victim to multiple substance abuse owing to peer pressure. I took stimulants and depressants like cocaine,heroin and methamphetamine. I also indulged myself in so many dubious deals to satisfy my cravings. For this reason, I entered Remar and my spiritual father Pastor Valentin summoned me to his office and started admonishing me. One phrase that renewed my thinking and activated my central nervous system (Moi Valentin Je veux mourir comme un chien). My advice to the entire pew is that evil thoughts are like flying birds, you can allow them to fly over your heads, nevertheless do not allow them to build nest over your head. May the omnipotent Father bless every soul here exceedingly,abundantly and above all ask in accordance with the holy spirit power that abides in them. Parents, take strict measures against your wards when you find them suspicious and find the antidote to this predicament. Regardless of your will power, and as you are maintaining your sobriety. Remember that the first attempt will ginger the old demons so if you able to avoid the first one, you are completely safe and sound.

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