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Isaac Aidoo

My name Isaac Aidoo. I entered Remar Ghana with marijuana and cigarette addiction. I started smoking cigarette at a tender age when I was in secondary school. After several years a colleague lured me to a ghetto. Surprisingly upon entering the ghetto all the gathering welcomed me happily. Later my friend who took me to the ghetto warned me that if I refuse to join them I may be taken for an informer and I could be harassed. Moreover.Moreover since I did't want to pose as a novice, I obliged. I became so much immersed in marijuana to the extent that I had to abandon my work that was putting good food on my table and others. I vowed never to stop smoking but at a point in time, I realized smoking was having adverse effects on my health. Fortunately, I had a sister who knew about Remar. The cards were thrown on the table and I opted to reform the addiction addict habit. Thank heavens, God's Grace and Mercy found me in Remar and now I am free from the clutches of the devil

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