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Ousmane Konate

My name is Ousmane Konate. I thank the Lord for saving me. I was born into a Muslim family, but by the grace of our Almighty God, I am now not just converted to Christianity but a strong believer of the doctrines of Christ, our one and only savior. My dad died in the year 2002 and also in 2004 my mother also passed away. Jesus Christ worked through a friend in Ivory Coast to let me know this ministry Remar Ghana, which has made me what I am today. I can see tremendous transformation in my entire life and also of others. I have inner peace and all is going on well with me by His Grace. God has also done wonderful something in my life through Remar especially when I was sick. At the verge of death , some people offered to donate blood to me. My final decision is to work always in the light with Jesus Christ forever and ever, Amen

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