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REMAR GHANA maintains it doors open day and night in its commitment to help the most needy, channeling human and economic resources in order to give hope and aspirations for the future to all those who come to our doors with urgent needs.

Those who come are fed, clothed, educated and they are shown the care and attention they deserve, time is dedicated to them, listening to their needs and they are given professional training in work skills. REMAR GHANA sets up development projects detailed initiatives to finance its activities, which are particularly dedicated to the rehabilitation and care for the needy. In this way specific problems are solved and situation are improved.

One of our most important tasks is that training those who take part in those projects, so that they can continue with them independently when the help we receive outside comes to an end. In Ghana we have about (12) communities all around the Country, where our doors are open to orphan, street children, drug addicts, alcoholic, prostitutes and needy people.    

Dansoman: 2nd Phase for men and teenagers (boys)

Activities: computer training, office complex and entry point, teenagers attend school, welding, carpentry, tailoring, filming, shoemaking, masonry and music training.
40 inmates
H/No 714/15 2nd Akwadaa Nyame close Dansoman Accra.


Tema : 2nd Phase for young boys

Activities: the young boys attend school at Community 11 complex, few adults as care takers 29 Inmates


Pakro Boys :
branch office, 2nd Phase for boys

Activities: The boys attend remar shalom education center
Location: Pakro Nsawam




Pakro farm : 1st Phase for male rehabilitants

Drug-addicts, alcoholics, ex-convicts, destitute and needy people
Activities: animal farming, crop farming, carpentry, welding and masonry.
89 inmates


Pakro : 2nd Phase couples house

Married couples and few adolescent girls, mostly school drop outs and those with strange behavioral tendencies.
Activities: Craft and handy work.
22 inmates




Branch office: 2nd Phase for teenage girls and reformed female addicts
Activities: Rastro/boutique and teenagers attend school
Few adults as caretakers.
24 Inmates
Location: Ampabame, Kumasi



Ampabame Boys:

Branch office: 2nd Phase for teenage boys
Activities: Teenagers attend school
Few adults as caretakers.
34 Inmates
Location: Ampabame, Kumasi




2nd Phase: for reformed addicts
and teenage boys

Activities: Adults evangelize the local populace on the repercussions of addiction.
16 Inmates.
Office location: Abesim Sunyani




Ampabame : 1st Phase for adults (drug addicts, alcoholics)

Activities: Animal farming, crop farming and palm oil production.
46 Inmates
Location: New Ampabame, Ejisu


HO: 2nd Phase for needy and reformed addicts, teenage boys attend school.

Activities: Evangelization and sensitization crusades on the dangers of drug-addiction
18 inmates
Location: opposite Ho Police depot.




Takoradi : 2nd Phase for reformed addicts and teenage boys.

Activities: Evangelization crusades by the adults to sensitize the youth about drug addiction and it's dangers.
15 inmates
Location:Kejebil Takoradi







Bubiashie-North Kaneshie: 2nd Phase Couples' House Married couples and adolescent girls mostly school drop outs and those of strange behavioral tendencies.

Activities: Crafty and handy work
32 inmates








Tamale: 2nd Phase: for reformed addicts and children

Activities: Adults evangelize the local populace on the repercussions of addiction.
16 Inmates.
Office location: Jisonayili Tamale

Ours Colaborators
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